Al Porto: restaurant in Milano since 1967

Al Porto: restaurant in Milano since 1967

It was April 25, 1967 when Mr. Domenico Buonamici and his wife Anna decided to open the Ristorante Al Porto in the in the old toll booth of Porta Genova. The idea was to bring the culture and taste of the Versilian tradition to Milan and what better place than the old toll that overlooked the ancient port of Milan? Thus was born The Restaurant Al Porto in Milan that for 50 years allows the Milanese and not to enjoy the excellence of the fish in all its forms. This has always been the dominant motive of then and today from the existence of this restaurant.

For over thirty years, at the kitchen of the Restaurant Al Porto in Milan we find chef Emilio Mola surrounded by collaborators selected by him and with him grown together.

Mrs. Anna, today has withdrawn, but, next to Mr. Buonamici, in addition to the chef Emilio Mola has remained his daughter Barbara who delights the customers of the Restaurant Al Porto with its sweet real masterpieces for the palate and the eyes.

The Restaurant Al Porto in Milan was founded in 1967 and is located inside the former gate toll gate of Genoa, which has always been the crossroads of Milanese life, placed precisely at one of the city’s historic entrances … Further revalued in 2014 by the reopening of the Darsena.

The premises have recently been renovated internally and externally. The facade of the Al Porto Restaurant is made up of 3 wooden doors inspired by the former splendor of the tollhouse with maritime finishing. Both externally and internally there are in fact many references to the seafaring culture starting with the façade and the entrance door on which two bronze anchors stand out and the brass handle of the rudder-shaped door. </ P>
The interiors are reminiscent of the large luxury ships of the 800 with the typical wood and brass finishes. Right from the entrance you will come across the great protagonist of the Ristorante Al Porto, the freshest fish of the highest quality placed on a small boat that introduces the restaurant’s maritime style.

in the entrance stands a rudder hanging on the ladder leading to the upper area the “Soppalco” a place surrounded by real seafaring portholes where you can see our little acquariums. It is one of the two large rooms of the Restaurant Al Porto where all the staff will always be ready to provide you with an impeccable and high quality service like the dishes that are served. The other major attraction of the restaurant is the veranda where maps to the walls brass rudders and globes pour into a climate of a true bridge of the early ‘900 ready to be led by Captain Domenico and his attendants to discover the flavors of Versilia.

The other rooms of the Restaurant Al Porto are the bar, the kitchen and especially the bench where you can enjoy quick meals based on raw fish.

This and much more is the Al Porto Restaurant in Milan a place of haute cuisine, high quality products and service in which to feel pampered and out of time for a journey through history.